Nick who?

You may have noticed that my slogan is “Ask for Nick”. Well, besides being a catchy use of my first name, there is a real reason for that.

Have you ever tried to read something and gotten intimidated by the sheer length, the number of syllables, or the daunting use of silent letters? Great! You have seen my last name!

Over the years my last name has given many a telemarketer, receptionist, and prospective client a hard time, which is why I often shorten it to Nick P. I have known my entire life when someone was reading my name by the inevitable pause that comes after Nick. So, how do I get people to share the experiences they have had with me if they cannot say my name? Well, they just call me Nick. More specifically, they tell people to ask for Nick.

Many people over the years have wondered about my last name, including myself. As a child, I often would ask my grandfather, Ernie, what exactly Petitmermet meant. The answers varied depending on his mood. Sometimes we were the small village by the lake. Other times he said the small village in the trees. The reality of this is that even the family in Switzerland had no idea. When my daughter, Danielle, was there visiting last summer, she asked the same question that I have many times over the years. It took a Swiss-French dictionary, English translations, and one of the last Swiss Petitmermets to answer the long-standing family question: What does Petitmermet mean?

Little dwarf.

Yes, you read that correctly. My last name quite literally means little dwarf. I suppose it is fitting.

So, next time you don’t know how to say my name, just ask for Nick, or Nick, the little dwarf!