WINTER WONDER LAND Is it a good time to list and sell?

Winter TreeJust when we got used to Autumn here in Southwest Idaho there is a chill in the air, some leafless trees are seen and white flakes are occasionally dotting our deck.  This is a lovely time of year here.  A quiet peace settles over the hills, the ski slopes start measuring the depth of the snow looking forward to opening day which is usually right around Thanksgiving.  Snowmobile tuneup is underway, skate boards are being replaced by snowboards.  Hardy  hunters and fisherman are still filling their freezers and Bambi and friends are bounding higher into the mountains surrounding our fertile valleys.

Some folks begin to worry if they have a home or property with a For Sale sign that it ought to come down for the winter or not go up for sale at all.  That might have been true when getting around in the winter was too difficult for buyers to search for a new home. The winter seller need not stow that sign behind the lawnmower.  Serious and qualified buyers have those long evenings to use the internet to view homes and land.

The numbers I pulled from the Intermountain MLS for the region I work, showed that over the last three winters from November, December, January, February and March, 90 properties sold in my region of Idaho. Nearly 20 million dollars changed hands!